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05 - News Articles

The eProcurement Portal allows News Articles to be shared with all Users. The News Article feature keeps Users current will all News pertaining to Procurement processes .

To View a News Article, select an Article from the list on the left-hand side of the eProcurement Portal.




The main page displays the most recently posted News Articles. To view an exhaustive list of News Articles, select the See More News...  icon. The following screen will be presented:




The list of News Articles are ordered by Published Date. To view a News Article, click the Title of the Article.


To toggle pages of available News Articles, use the Page icons.


  • First: Redirects User to the page containing the most recent articles.
  • Previous: Redirects User to the page previously viewed.
  • Page Number: Redirects User to a specific page.
  • Next: Redirects User to the next page of articles.
  • Last: Redirects User to the last page (ie. the page containing the oldest articles).


To change the number of News Articles displayed on the page, select a value from the Results Per Page drop-down menu.


By clicking the Title of a News Article, the contents of the article are displayed.


  • News title
  • News date - The date the news was published by an outside medium.
  • News content
  • Creation date - The date the news was posted on the Transparency Portal.


An example News Article is shown below:

Title Description Last Updated
Noticia Noticia 22-11-2011 10:58:30 by ZELIA MARIA
News Tetum News Tetum 22-11-2011 04:20:57 by ZELIA MARIA
Example news Example news 22-08-2011 05:58:15 by Admin
News List Tetum News Lists Tetum 22-11-2011 04:22:09 by ZELIA MARIA
Artigos Artigos 22-11-2011 10:56:15 by ZELIA MARIA
News Article Detail Tetum News Article Detail Tetum 22-11-2011 04:23:20 by ZELIA MARIA
Lista de Noticias Lista de Noticias 22-11-2011 10:57:43 by ZELIA MARIA
News List News List 13-12-2011 04:09:29 by ZELIA MARIA
News Article News Article 13-12-2011 04:10:42 by ZELIA MARIA
News list News list 22-08-2011 05:56:52 by Admin
News article section News article section 22-08-2011 05:55:56 by Admin
News News 15-11-2011 05:40:15 by ZELIA MARIA

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