About Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal

The Government of Timor-Leste uses Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal to purchase and acquire goods, services and works. Any type of procurement processes, including Tenders and Requests for Quotes, are published to Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal. Our goal is to provide more transparency in government procurement. Public access to tenders allows all citizens and vendors to download tenders providing equal opportunity.

What the portal does

Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal is a website which lets you interactively:

  • view  all open tenders, grouped by the type of business, and
  • access and review all awarded tenders.

The portal is accessible to all members of the public, groups and development partners.

The portal is updated every day so information is current.

Timor-Leste Transparency Portal was launched on 26 August 2011 by His Excellency, Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao with the Minister  of Finance, Emilia Pires.

How it works

Authorised users from Timor-Leste Government departments and institutions publish tender documents to the website including:

  • amendments
  • questions, and
  • answers from the vendors and bid evaluation.

Once the submitted tenders are evaluated, we publish tender award information, including the vendor, the amount and any documents.


Search and browse tenders

Current tenders can be viewed on the website by tenders published:

  • today
  • during the last week, and
  • all available tenders.

You can also search tenders by criteria like:

  • Tender category (Computing, Construction, etc)
  • Tender type (RFP, RFQ, etc.)
  • Region (Districts)
  • Tender status (Available, Awarded, Cancelled, etc)
  • Tender ID, and
  • Institution buyer type (Ministry).
Be notified of new tenders

User registration enables you to receive notifications on specific tender processes.

Users can register themselves providing an email address and the category of tenders they are interested in.

The site will send a notification whenever a new tender of that category is published to the portal.

Information for vendors and users

Vendors area of the site provides reporting on awarded contracts and provides a list of blacklisted vendors (pending legislation).

The site has links to procurement laws, processes and related documents, and how to participate in government tenders.

Feedback functionality lets users email website administrator with comments and feedback.

What we want to achieve through Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal


Through Timor-Leste eProcurement, all stages of the procurement process are visible to everyone. So,

  • suppliers know the business opportunities
  • government agencies know all the offers available, and
  • citizens monitor the process and know the prices paid for each acquisition

which increases competition and accountability.


Stimulate significant reductions in costs, in terms of the procurement process, prices of goods and services purchased, and the number of  challenges. This will create more efficient use of public expenditure.

Promoting development

The portal is a tool to help modernise and strengthen institutions and build democracy.

Government procurement is much more than just a issue of logistics and provision of supplies. It is an essential aspect of development that supports the transformation of institutions.

Timor-Leste eProcurement also allows government procurement to be used as an instrument to promote private sector development and helps to protect against monopoly and reduced competition. It can help foster the gradual growth of productivity and enable the expansion of local economies and small and medium enterprises

What information is posted to the portal?

The following information is automatically posted when a procurement operations occurs:

Procurement Document: when a procurement process begins:

  • Different Types (Tenders, Quotes, etc)
  • Different Types of Business (Computing, Construction, etc)

Bid Change Management: when the procurement process has amendments or extensions.

Vendors Questions and Answers: every time that any vendor has doubts about the procurement processes.

Vendor Proposals: when the proposals reception deadline is reached.

Bid Evaluation: after the opening and proposals evaluation.

Bid Award: when one or more vendors are awarded.

Bid Close: when no proposals or not enough proposals for example.

Bid Cancel: when for any reason the procurement process is cancelled

Dispute Management: when any vendor or citizen doesn’t agree with the bid award result.

Blacklisted Vendors: like when a vendor doesn’t accomplish with a product, service or work or when a vendor didn’t pay taxes (pending legislation).

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