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04 - Awards

Awards are Closed Procurement Documents. When the government finalizes a Bid Evaluation, the Procurement is awarded to a vendor. The Procurement Document is then no longer accessible under Business Opportunities and is instead classified as Awarded. A list of Awards can be viewed through the eProcurement Portal.

Awards Home Page Content




To View All Awards

Click the All Awards link in the Awards section. A list of All Awarded Procurement Documents is presented:



The list of Awards are ordered by Award Date.

To toggle pages of available Awards, use the Page icons.


  • First: Redirects User to the page containing the most recent awards.
  • Previous: Redirects User to the page previously viewed.
  • Page Number: Redirects User to a specific page.
  • Next: Redirects User to the next page of awards.
  • Last: Redirects User to the last page (ie. the page containing the oldest awards).


To change the number of Awards displayed on the page, select a value from the Results Per Page drop-down menu.


To view Awarded Vendor details, click the associated Vendor Name. The Vendor Detail screen is presented:




The Vendor information is displayed within the General Information window.

  • Vendor ID: Vendor unique identification number.
  • Vendor Name: Name of Vendor.
  • Tax Identification Number: Tax unique identification number.
  • Business Type: Vendor Business Type.
  • Performance Rate: Vendor rating, based on past performance.
  • Country of Origin: The Country where vendor perform primarily.
  • Addresses: Vendor Local Address.
  • Contacts: Vendor contact information.
  • Status: Vendor Actual Status (i.e. ‘Active’, ‘blacklisted’, etc.)

 Vendors Award details are shown on Awarded Vendors Summary.

  • Year: Year of Award.
  • Awards quantity: Total number of awards of that year. Click on icon number details to view especific Awards.
  • Awarded amounts:Total award amount for the year.
  • Total: Agregate amount of Awards to date.

To view details of a particular Award, click on PD ID link on All Awards list.

The following Procurement Document Details is displayed:

On General Information section the following details is displayed:

  • ID: Procurement Document unique identification number
  • Category: Procurement Document Type.
  • Document Description: Specific items been procured.
  • Document Type: Published Document Type.
  • Audience Type: The Audience viewing Procurement Document.
  • Institution: Procurement Document publishing responsible institution.
  • Institution Agency/Department: Agency or Department within the Ministry responsible for Procurement Document.
  • Publishing Date: Date Procurement Document is published.
  • Required response Date: Last day for receiving Procurement Responses.

 Details envolving Procurement Document Award are displayed in Awarded Vendors window.

  • Vendor ID: Awarded Vendor unique identification code.
  • Vendor Name: Awarded Vendor name.
  • Amount Awarded: Awarded Procurement Document amount.
  • Total: Awarded Procurement Document agregate amount.

 Procurement process related files available for viewing are shown in Additional sections.

 To review Additional, click on associated link. All Awarded Procurement Documents will have Awarded Procurement Document Closed attached for vizualization.

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