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Reference Number/PO: GPA/RAEOA TL/RFQ/018-2018
Business Type: Security and Defence
Description: Encaminha pedido pagamento Despezas Star Security.Lda, ba Servicu Seguranca ne'ebe Konklui ona iha Fulan Marco no Abril 2021
Procurement Document Type: RFQ - Goods and Services (VfM)
Procurement Audience: PUBLIC
Financing Institution:

Autoridade Região Administrativa Especial Oecusse Ambeno - RAEOA

Institution Department/Agency: Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Developm
Institution Project Owner:

Autoridade Região Administrativa Especial Oecusse Ambeno - RAEOA

Published Date: 17-08-2021
Proposal Reception Deadline: 20-08-2021
Award Date: 06-09-2021
Contract Signing Date:
Contract Start Date:
Contract End Date:

Awarded Vendors

Vendor ID

Vendor Name

Awarded Amount

VS1018 STAR SECURITY, LDA $5,858.58

Total     $5,858.58


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